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We are very excited to announce the launching the new site!

We are happy to be partnered with Trend Micro to bring you the best deals on the best internet security software that’s out there: Trend Micro.

Trend Micro has been setting the standard in antivirus and later in antispyware for the past many years. Previously known as PC-cillin, Trend Micro’s Internet Security Pro and 2008 set the bar high for protecting your data.

Some think that there is nothing more frustrating than losing valuable data on your PC to viruses and malicious online attacks. While these problems are serious, there is something about having your identity stolen that can send chills down your spine. Trend Micro helps you protect yourself, not just your PC from those who would steal your data and even your identity.

Trend Micro Internet Security Pro can “tell” when your credit card number, name or other personal data is being “requested” by another PC in any way. It spots this and stops it in its tracks, prompting you to allow or block such a transaction. If you need to keep your data on your PC, which many of us do, this is a must-have to protect yourself.